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OPC Router is a powerful software platform designed to automate business processes (IT Systems) and facilitate integration with systems in industrial environments (Automation). OPC Router boasts 40+ plugins, making it a versatile solution that offers an efficient way to connect, transfer, and transform data between a wide variety of systems and devices, including PLCs, sensors, databases, ERP systems, MES, and much more.

Continuous optimization and automation of your production processes are the decisive factors for product quality, production efficiency, and the success of your company.

OPC Router serves as a valuable tool for achieving these goals, streamlining communication and data exchange across various systems and devices to enhance operational efficiency and drive success in your industry.

OPC Router replaces the old communication channels and goes as far as achieving complete integration of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), DCS (Distributed Control System), SCADA, MES (Manufacturing Execution System), SQL Server, label printers, email servers, and ERP systems. As a central communication platform, OPC Router offers automated data exchange by integrating all independent systems and solutions, from sensors to the cloud.

By recording your process data, you gain a continuous insight into your production. The application possibilities are almost limitless and can be implemented by you.

OPC Router simplifies the process of connecting and integrating diverse systems and devices, providing you with a comprehensive view of your production data for enhanced decision-making and process optimization.

How It Works?

To implement connectivity, you need to follow 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Select your Data Source Transfer Object

Step 2: Select your Data Target Transfer Object

Step 3: Double-click on your Transfer Objects and select your Tags

Step 4: Draw the connections

Step 5: Select your Trigger

READY! You can now start monitoring your communications in real-time through a graphical interface.

Certified Connectivity with SAP

Certified connectivity with SAP ensures seamless integration and data exchange between your systems, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your business processes.

Industrial Connectivity with Integration with Kepware

Kepware and OPC Router can work together in a broader solution. Kepware handles the data acquisition from industrial equipment on the factory floor, while OPC Router takes care of the integration and automation of business systems, connecting the shop floor to the executive floor (acting as a bridge between IT and OT).

This combination enhances operational efficiency and decision-making in the manufacturing plant, streamlining data flow and enabling seamless communication between different parts of the organization. It ultimately leads to more informed decisions and improved overall productivity.

Email and Telegram Plug-in

OPC Router’s Email plugin is a valuable extension of this automation and integration platform. This plugin enables the integration of email functionality into automated business workflows, enhancing efficiency and communication within the company.

It allows for the automatic sending of notifications and alerts via email in response to specific events, such as process alarms, data changes, or even scheduled events. This feature streamlines communication and ensures that relevant parties are promptly informed, improving overall operational efficiency and responsiveness.

Similarly, you can configure these information flows in other messaging applications like Telegram and WhatsApp. Moreover, communication can be bidirectional, enabling you to trigger actions on the factory floor from your mobile phone. This two-way communication capability enhances flexibility and responsiveness in your operations.

OPC Router ensures global communication throughout the entire IT and OT infrastructure. It acts as a central hub for data exchange and integration, enabling seamless communication between various systems and devices, both on the information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) sides. This comprehensive connectivity enhances the efficiency, flexibility, and coordination of your organization’s processes and data flows.


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