Vertix Technologies was founded in 2016 in response to the significant opportunity we identified in the incorporation of Digital Transformation tools in the Industrial environment.

During that time, digital transformation on the factory floor was still in its early stages, primarily consisting of isolated initiatives to address specific issues.

Our purpose from the very beginning, and still is, to be strategic partners for our clients in the process of digitalization that adds value to their operations. Today, we deliver comprehensive solutions for a Digital Transformation strategy in the Industry, aligned with the corporate objectives of the company.

This is how we define our Transformative Purpose (MTP), setting the goal of transforming the entire industry in every aspect, starting with technology and extending to people. We are convinced that through this process, we can contribute to the digitization and transformation of society, generating knowledge and transforming individuals and companies.

We offer products and services that cover various areas of the production process, manufacturing, and even corporate aspects. In our solution portfolio, we have tools related to Industry 4.0, such as IoT, historization, CMMS, OEE, Advanced Analytics, Predictive Algorithms, Machine Learning, CAD, PLM, Augmented Reality, among others. We have strategic partnerships with world-class software manufacturers and serve the entire region from Peru. Our team of specialized engineers provides high-value integrations and services, including system integrations, Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Data Science, OEE, etc., to ensure a high return on investment in projects.

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